Vexel Art: 60+ Unbelievable And Outstanding Inspirational Artworks

“Vexel” is a combination of the words vector and pixel, and it is used to describe a style of digital art which is entirely pixel-based, but looks like vector art. Vector uses mathematical equations to create lines and shapes in image whereas vexels are raster works in pixels.Vexel art is a relatively niche term for describing an area of Vector art and graphics that is focused on recreating pseudo-realistic imagery not necessarily using Vector Programs.

Vexels can be created using any graphic programme like Photoshop, Gimp, Flash, Freehand, Illustrator etc. or the combination of one or more. Vexels are quite flexible to create and there are various methods of creating vexel art but the overall process is to stack shapes of a certain shape and color to create a whole image using multiple layers, one can also use gradients, paintbrushes, airbrushes or any freehand tool like pencil to give it a desired and unique appearance. What makes vexel arts so amazing is that each piece takes hours to complete which requires patience, hard work and talent.

The collection here today is a roundup of some of the most stunning Vexel art. One of the few places where this type of artwork is widely practiced within its groups. You can click through the images to view them in full resolution and check out the rest of the artists portfolios.
Birds of Prey by intoyourheart
avril april kwiecien by m0nobody
Boys of Summer by ChewedKandi
vexel art
closing in by intoyourheart
Dancer Whisper by fdlinda
vexel artworks, vector art, design inspiration
Shirley Ann Manson by carolinabarajas, digital art and design
Winter by JimmyLy
Staring at the sun by paulinetje25, photoreal vector art
Shades of Gray by Joaris333
Thom Yorke the Android by fat jedgfx
She's like Madonna by happyline, deviant art vexels

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