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35 Creative and Mind Blowing Brochure Designs

Internet has changed the way a brand approached its users. Internet Marketing has given a whole new dimension to advertising. Brands have now started advertising in a much different way than they used to 3-4 years ago. But, this does mean that the Print advertising has lost its charm. It is still one the most

30 Fresh and Beautiful Windows 8 Wallpapers

Microsoft is following up Windows 7 with much more advanced in terms of speed and security Windows 8. Windows 8 has already created a stir among the people with the features it has declared like the touchscreen and uniformity across the desktops and tablets. Most recently the Consumer Preview of the Windows 8 has been

Wars Captured through the lenses – 65 Brilliant Photographs

Courageous – this is the only term that can be used to signify the War Photographers. Photography in itself is one the most creative art, War Photography surpasses all the big terms that can be used to represent art, courage and patience. War Photography is representation of armed combat and the current and real situations

15 examples of creative fashion websites

Fashion moves fast, and you can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed when you hit the high street on a Saturday afternoon. We know we do. So to help keep the fun in fashion, keep you up to date with the latest trends – and keep your cool in the changing room – here’s

35+ Mindblowing Examples of Smoke Photography

Smoke is commonly an unwanted by-product of fires. It is beautiful, mysterious, unpredictable and powerful. Smoke art or Smoke Photography is nothing but photography that features smoke in it. In photography the smoke can be just another matter or the main subject itself. In smoke photography it is actually not known as to what you

Showcase Of Broken Heart and Anti Valentines Day Artwork

Almost every other couple have had a terrible breakup. There are many singles roaming around everywhere with absolutely no hope of getting the “Special One”. Some people who just do not want to find the special one. Designers, as always, never stay behind be it any situation. Designers wear their creative hats to showcase this

40 Funny and Awesome Facebook Timeline Covers For Your Profile

Facebook launched the Timeline in its F8 convention on 22 Sept 2011. Timeline is a totally new design of your profile. Timeline allows you to go through all your history as per months and years and thus the name Timeline. This is not it. The first thing that is visible on the timeline is a

Stunning A-Z Space Typography by Jerome Corgier

There are many web and graphic designers around who can tell you that Typography is the most important aspect of any design. Typography can literally make or break a design. When done correctly, you get all the applauds, but if done wrongly you could easily find many critics of the whole design that you have