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30 Beautiful Candid Photography Inspiration

Candid Photography is the kind where the subject does not poses for the photograph. It is the natural expression that is caught by the photographer. Candid photographs are taken as a scene happens. These are taken on the go! When taking candid photographs the most important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is

30 Creative Music Website Designs For Inspiration

These days, a majority of people listen to or buy music over the internet. Gone are the days of the 8-track tape, and even CD sales are falling, as everyone moves to digital media. Following this trend, musical artists have also adopted the web, either using media-intense websites or sites created with website builders (more

35 Creative And Inspirational Fashion eCommerce Websites

Gone are the days when brands and companies used to have websites for mere presence on the web. Now, websites serve more than just the company information. Websites are now viewed as Big Bucks! Internet has removed all the boundaries. eCommerce websites have helped many companies to connect with audiences globally. Brands now do not

65 Marvelous Examples of Street Photography

Street Photography is one of the oldest forms of photography. Street photography must have come into existence as soon as the cameras become portable! A street photograph can also be termed as a realistic photograph where everything is un-staged. No one gives a pose, or there are no artificial light and studio settings to capture

45 Stunning Fashion Photography for your Inspiration

Fashion Photography is one of the toughest niche of photography. Clicking a perfect fashion photograph needs a perfect background setting, a perfect model, perfect angle, etc. Fashion photography is not just about selling fashionable dresses but it can also be used for selling accessories and fashionable items like bags, shoes, etc. A fashion photographer needs

45 Beautiful Nature And Landscape Canada Photography

Nature always attracts photographers and that is why you would easily find some of the best Canada photography all around the web. Canada is a land with vast distances with a population of around 35 million. It is full of rich natural resources. The nation comes under the category of developed nation with high economical

Collection of Food and Beverages Logo – 38 examples

There are two types of people in this world – One who loves to eat and the other one is who eats to live. If you are a later kind this article is not meant for you. You can try checking our other deign categories. For people who are interested to eat and drink we

Collection of Awesome Batman Artworks – 38 Examples

Batman is a fictional super hero character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The first appearance of this character can be traced back to 1939 Detective comic’s 27th edition. Bruce Wayne, who is real life of the comic series, is a multi billionaire business tycoon in the city of Gotham. The tragic murder of