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Featured: Soumya – A Photographer from Portland

Soumya is a fine art photographer from Portland. Today she is being featured here on Demortalz because of her tremendous work with the camera. You can also have your work featured on Demortalz. Please contact us HERE. You can reach her at her Blog, Facebook Page or Flickr.

A Showcase of 45 Wallpapers With Minimal Typography

Typography is actually an art and technique of arranging of text on a page. Its a combination of font, size, spacing and color to portray a message or a picture sometime. Typography is a balanced art, usually used in Ads, Books, Newspapers and on Web Pages backgrounds. Minimal Typography is one of the most used tool nowadays in graphic

75 Expressive Portraits To Inspire Your Photography

You will remember when we talked about Silhouette Photography as one of the beautiful art around, and thus the story doesn’t end there because of the existence of Portrait Photography. Facial expressions means much more than just equipment as photographers say, and thus the importance can be judged by the statement itself.  Actually most of

Showcasing Color Photography to Bring Colors to Your Mood

Color photography is photography that uses media capable of representing colors, which are traditionally produced chemically during the photographic processing phase. In color photography, light-sensitive chemicals or electronic sensors record color information at the time of exposure (source). So today I thought to bring colors to your mood with these colorful and beautiful pictures taken

100 Outstanding Examples of Bird Photography

Nature has a lot for us artists and Photographers is one of those genres that helps us look into it in a different way. Although we have tried to cover different aspects of photography on our blog but today we thought to get into the wild life a bit. Birds are taken as wildlife for

Creative Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photo

Facebook at their F8 developers conference launched the new Timeline Profile which is totally new and revamped version of the previous profile. Timeline Profile gives a large header space on top of your profile on which you can upload your photo but as usual creativity will find it’s way in those new timeline profiles. Here

Outstanding 50 Examples of Single Webpage Designs

A designer would love to get his mind thinking. He would always want his creative mind to takeover all the other useless thinking. It is only at this time when the designer actually does a real “out of the box” designing.Single page websites are the ones which help the designers to achieve the creativity target. It’s kind

Top 50 Best Images from National Geographic Latest Photo Contest

Last year (2010) National Geographic arranged a photo contest where great inspirational photographers from all around the world participated. The showcase from which judges had to select the winner was extreme inspirational and wonderful. I had a look at that showcase today and couldn’t resist to post some pictures from that here, to inspire my