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A Showcase of 45 Wallpapers With Minimal Typography

Typography is actually an art and technique of arranging of text on a page. Its a combination of font, size, spacing and color to portray a message or a picture sometime. Typography is a balanced art, usually used in Ads, Books, Newspapers and on Web Pages backgrounds. Minimal Typography is one of the most used tool nowadays in graphic

45 Beautiful Minimal Wallpapers From Photographers

There is beauty in minimalism and that you will understand when you have these wallpapers on your desktop. The more the less, the more the peace of mind. We still din’t get the names of the artists of some of these pictures so if you know anyone, please do tell us. But we did found

Minimal Photography Photos: Irresistible Examples of Minimalism in Photography

Minimal photography photos is where Minimalism comes in and that is when the art is less. That puts in some different kind of beauty, apart from the neat pictures. So when you have to show less art, then you need to have an eye, which focus on the things that are most important to give the