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40 Funny and Awesome Facebook Timeline Covers For Your Profile

Facebook launched the Timeline in its F8 convention on 22 Sept 2011. Timeline is a totally new design of your profile. Timeline allows you to go through all your history as per months and years and thus the name Timeline. This is not it. The first thing that is visible on the timeline is a

12 Beautiful High-Quality iPad Wallpapers

Inspiration and motivation could come from some of the most weirdest places and things that you could think of. Today the usage of the mobile phones have increased multi-fold. Thus, keeping something very motivating on your mobile phones makes perfect sense. Apple iPad has been a real hit everywhere and that is my the wallpapers

Why So Serious? HD Wallpapers

Almost everyone of us had a favorite superhero when we were kids. Reading their comics was the favorite passtime. Then came the cartoons of the superheros because of which we were always glued to our televisions. Then came their movies. The Dark Knight of Batman is one such movie. Everyone surely remembers the Joker of

Some 3D Renders That Look So Real

A very popular art, 3D, is something not many people are able to do and understand. 3D computer Graphics has reached at such a level that absolutely anything can be made in computers and still look totally real. The power and the market of 3D computer graphics has been ever increasing, and with the way

20 Darkish Wallpapers For Your Dark Desktop

In digital arts, black is usually the preferred color because of its effectiveness in producing contrast. Black and yellow or red on black creates a powerful color combination. Almost all colors appears more luminous against a black background. Below I put together a collection of beautiful black wallpapers that truly illustrate the beauty of black-inspired

40 Fantastic HD Wallpapers To Blow Your Mind

Every type of desktop wallpapers are loved by us and that is why we have categories for so many of them. Especially those wallpapers are praised more that are so stunning that you can’t stop looking at them. Something that you want to put on your desktop as soon as you see it. We’re showcasing

Showcase of 25 Random Amazing Wallpapers

In this post we will show you some random wallpapers that we compiled today. These are some really good looking wallpapers. These 25 amazing wallpapers, from random categeories. We hope you like it. The credit goes to: (ascending order) Tobias Ahlin, Craig Shields, Xpsam,  Read, Leonid, jonathan foerster, love1008, Julien Morel, liqachu, Lionel, Artrush, Rodrigo zenteno, mixmasterangel, Matkraken, Marian rupp, Marius Bauer, trancedman, Saizenmedia,

Impressive Wallpapers of Color Spectrum and Rainbow

Colour spectrum in technical, are visible colours from red to violet that made up the white light. They are also the reason why rainbows are so interestingly beautiful. When they are correctly applied on the web, it too gives a pleasant look. Some credits are: manicho, mallorcaa, SemanticOne, DJ-Takahashi, payalnic, SfinxMagnum, alsnd12, mediablade, GRlMGOR, skepnaden, iixo, Almighty-Bazaa, nathan makan, dewaynesmith, silwenka, Kamikaze00X, majinshadow, Thelma1, jugga-lizzle, Marcello