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Stunning Black Wallpapers to Spice up your Desktop

Black is not actually a color. Black is the absence of colors. Due to this, black mostly represents mystery or fear. In many a cultures black is the forbidden color to be worn in any of the occasions. But in some native American countries black color was said to be very sacred as the color

Amazing Partial Color Effect in Black & White Photos

Color is the essence of any photograph. A black and white photograph focuses on the context and the expressions and feelings. The texture plays a real important part in a black and white photograph. But then there are many a times when you would want to give that extra bit of importance to some object,

45 Surreal Pencil Drawings and Illustrations

It is really unbelievable to see how many designers use and explore different everyday things and convert them into extreme designs. For example, Yulia is a paper artist, who works only with papers and make designs that is not even possible with design software. Another type of artists are the painters or drawers. They wow

35 Exquisite Collection of Black and White Photography

Black and White photography is regarded by many photographers as the purest form of photography available today. The reason is originally all the photos used to be black and white and at most monochrome. Such type of photography is termed as monochrome photography. It is also sometimes termed as grayscale photography. There are no use

50 Stunning And Amazing Dark Wallpapers

In many mythologies black is mostly associated with negativity, bad feelings, loneliness, etc. In many cultures, it is a banned use use black or dark colors in festivals, weddings, etc. But, ask a designer and he will tell how important black color is. Many related black to enigma. Desktop wallpapers are one place where black

20 Darkish Wallpapers For Your Dark Desktop

In digital arts, black is usually the preferred color because of its effectiveness in producing contrast. Black and yellow or red on black creates a powerful color combination. Almost all colors appears more luminous against a black background. Below I put together a collection of beautiful black wallpapers that truly illustrate the beauty of black-inspired

Dark Websites Portfolio To Show How Dark Colour Can Be Used in Web

Our mood is depicted by the colors we choose. Even emotions are conveyed through theme as well as the true feelings. We use the bright colours for the good mood, while on the other hand our sad mood or blue mood is depicted by mostly black color such as dark websites. With web designing, colours

Showcase of Beautiful Dark Website Design

Today, I thought to put up a collection of Dark Websites to inspire the web designers out there. Dark is just not a colour you know 😀 Also check out: Html5 Markup Websites: 50 Awesome Websites for Inspiration