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25 Beautiful Flat Design Websites For Inspiration

The design community currently surely has a huge love for Flat Design. Ever heard of Microsoft’s Zune Music Player? Though the player was a flop amongst the masses, the design was truly inspirational. It was probably the first device with a Flat UI design. Microsoft changed their design philosophy after Zune and started focusing on

Country Photography Series: Incredible India Photography

I love photography. I cannot stop publishing inspirational photography articles. Just a few days ago, I was looking at some gorgeous Travel photographs. At that point of time an idea crossed my mind, how cool would it be to collect photographs of various countries, its monuments, its specialities, its negatives, everything that represents that country.

30 Fresh and Beautiful Windows 8 Wallpapers

Microsoft is following up Windows 7 with much more advanced in terms of speed and security Windows 8. Windows 8 has already created a stir among the people with the features it has declared like the touchscreen and uniformity across the desktops and tablets. Most recently the Consumer Preview of the Windows 8 has been

35 Inspiring and Creative Pattern Wallpapers

Patterns and textures mostly remain invisible to most of the people. The reason being that they always tend to remain in the background of almost everything. But, they are one of the most important element in web and graphic designing. There are many people around who love patterns and also keep them as their desktop

Impressive Wallpapers of Color Spectrum and Rainbow

Colour spectrum in technical, are visible colours from red to violet that made up the white light. They are also the reason why rainbows are so interestingly beautiful. When they are correctly applied on the web, it too gives a pleasant look. Some credits are: manicho, mallorcaa, SemanticOne, DJ-Takahashi, payalnic, SfinxMagnum, alsnd12, mediablade, GRlMGOR, skepnaden, iixo, Almighty-Bazaa, nathan makan, dewaynesmith, silwenka, Kamikaze00X, majinshadow, Thelma1, jugga-lizzle, Marcello

Showcasing Color Photography to Bring Colors to Your Mood

Color photography is photography that uses media capable of representing colors, which are traditionally produced chemically during the photographic processing phase. In color photography, light-sensitive chemicals or electronic sensors record color information at the time of exposure (source). So today I thought to bring colors to your mood with these colorful and beautiful pictures taken

A Showcase of Bright Color Web Designs for Inspiration

Today I thought to share with you people some amazing web designs using very bright colors as the design elements. There are many designers who try to neglect the bright colours for they sometime come out to be harmful to the design. But I think when you can integrate at the correct way, you will