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35 Stunning 3D Abstract Wallpapers

Abstract is something that is only in the mind. It is an idea which may not be physically true or a reality. This is the reason, abstract wallpapers are pretty famous amongst the designers. Being abstract, it helps the designers to think out of the box, think something totally different and give a new perspective

35 Amazing and Beautiful Wallpapers for your Desktops

Desktop Wallpapers always provide great inspiration. Beautiful wallpapers always need to have an effect on you. A great inspirational wallpaper can easily get you out of your boredom. Wallpapers are always underrated by users. Wallpapers many a times makes you feel calm, peaceful and motivated. Many prefer to use different wallpapers daily, while some just

30 Beautiful 3D Exterior Visualizations

Before building an entire building, architects often sit down with architecture visualizers, to create 3D digital mockups of the building before construction begins.  Architecture visualizers are largely responsible for creating realistic visions of how a building can look. 3d exterior visualizations in a great way on trying to impress clients with your great designs! Surviving

Some 3D Renders That Look So Real

A very popular art, 3D, is something not many people are able to do and understand. 3D computer Graphics has reached at such a level that absolutely anything can be made in computers and still look totally real. The power and the market of 3D computer graphics has been ever increasing, and with the way

Showcasing Beautiful And Creative Short Animated Films

Designers, Artists and Graphic professionals nowadays have come up with these animated short films when they bring us a beautiful story in less than 5 minutes video. These animated films are sometimes nominated for Oscar Academy awards because of their awesome creativity. I have tried to collect some best animated short films consisting of genres

3D Text Effect Tutorials: A Resource Pack of Awesome 25 Tutorials

3D Text design is now more popular and we can notice a surge for 3D Type work on portfolio sites. Here we have collected 25 of the cool 3D Text effect tutorials. Well some of them are all done by the combination of some 3D software’s like  Studio Max, Xara and some times illustrator with

3D Pencil Drawings: Incredible and Scary Drawings by 17-year old Fredo

Realistic 3D pencil drawings are always interesting. Its just out of this world when we see an artist draft out something on a paper just through drawing, what has been captured by a camera. That is 3D Pencil Drawing art, which is very rare and needs hell of creativity. To be frank, you might have

3D Max Tutorials: The Ultimate Collection of Rendering Models

3D Max tutorials on the line for today. 3D Max is very famous and widely used in different rendering techniques, as well as character animations. This powerful material boosts your creativity with the awesome options and functions that it provides. The real touch that it gives to the animated characters with the help of 3D feature, is