A Showcase of Bright Color Web Designs for Inspiration

Today I thought to share with you people some amazing web designs using very bright colors as the design elements. There are many designers who try to neglect the bright colours for they sometime come out to be harmful to the design. But I think when you can integrate at the correct way, you will see a beautifully refreshing result. This post is to inspire you with the fresh inspiring designs submitted by designers worldwide.

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Bowtie Interactive Studio

bright website design

Vijufest Russia

bright website design

Hughes Communcation Agency

bright website design

Kaledoscope File Comparison for Mac

bright website design

Colour Pixel Design Company

9Flavors Web Design & Development

bright website design

Custom Stickers

Weare Instrument

bright website design


bright website design

Southern Media


bright website design


Roome London

bright website design

Marc Andre Veronneau

Accueil Duo Anergie Graphique

bright website design

Grip Limited

bright website design


The Wisdom of Bees

Respiro Media

Chaptre Deux

Think. Do. Create.


Jason Santa Maria

bright website design

Syster User Experience Design

Urban Chip Communication

Tracy Graffin

Webdesign Zwolle

bright website design

Kiss Me Im Polish


bright website design

Blue Bettle Dubai Web Design

Mark Dijkstra

Fresh Not Canned


Ray Creative

Etusivu World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

bright website design

Saturized Interactive Agency

Plant with Purpose

Truf Lies

bright website design

Don’t you think colors are good sometimes 😉

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