Responsive Web Design: An Infographic

You may like it or not, but you can’t deny that responsive approach to building websites has become a must-have now. With a growing number of people using tablets, mobile phones and other devices to surf the web, more and more web designers tend to create responsive web designs; the websites that would easily adapt to the devices they’re being viewed on. Responsive websites have started to become a norm on the web.

However, it’s impossible to make your site responsive without knowing how to do it, and here you have a choice: you can either follow our advice and see an infographic on responsive web design or you can search the web looking for other sites on the topic.

As for the infographics we invite you to see, it covers the basics of responsive design and provides tips and tools one needs to build responsive web pages. Actually, this is a one-stop source of information about responsive web design, offering articles, tutorials and free PDF books. Also, it allows you to learn what Google says about the responsive trend.

Please note: here is the static version of the infographic, but the dynamic version is also available and it is designed as an interactive game: you click on the icons and learn different aspects of RWD. This means you only read the information you’re interested in. So, if you like the static infographic, simply scroll down and if you prefer the dynamic one, do not hesitate to click on the screen shot below.

In the meanwhile you may also like to view An Infographic on the Role of Mobile Phones in eCommerce It would surely change the way you look at mobiles!

Responsive Web Design Infographic

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