Photo Manipulations: 50 Unimaginable Examples to Boost Your Creativity

Photo Manipulations can serve as an awesome source of inspiration for Photoshop users. Although it is true that in everything existing in this world, there is some inspiration for us artists, but still there are some specifications. An interesting technique to play with pictures is photo manipulation. The tools in Photoshop are so creepy that you can do anything you want with even the simplest neat pictures. Many professional artists has made it their main work and are always creating new designs and bringing up new manipulations.

Here is to that creativity that they put in the manipulations, I compiled a list of such awesome manipulations that one can’t think of, and thus these are Unimaginable, related to ature, photography, objects, illustrations, HDR as well as some abstract and fantasy-related concepts.


So how was your experience with these jaw openers? Did you ever try to do Photo Manipulations? 😀

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