Photoshop Tutorials 2011 to Help You Polish Your Skills

Photoshop Tutorials are on the line for today, as everyone wants to be creative with less time spent and more quality put in. For this purpose, Adobe Photoshop comes up very handy and thus we thought to compile up a collection of Photoshop Tutorials to increase your

Conceptual Photography: 100 Stunning And Breath Taking Photography

Conceptual photography is one of those ways, that you can get your concept across the mind of the viewer using just the contents of a photograph. Conceptual Photography doesn’t need much effort, but just an idea, and you can use any object in front of you to photograph and

Fractal Art : 60+ Spectacular Examples of Fractal Art Rich Cololrs

Fractal art is a form of art associated with algorithm and be created by calculating fractal objects. They represent calculations as still images, animations, music or maybe some other media. The Fractal Art is made by processing done with special fractal software in simple three steps, comprising

Bokeh Portrait Photography: 60+ Amazing Bokeh Inspired Female Portraits

Lets talk about Bokeh Portrait Photography and increase our number of showcases regarding Inspirational Photography. We thought to bring up some amazing Bokeh Photography used in Bokeh Female Portrait Photography. If you don’t know, Bokeh is the area in the picture which is out of focus, in

2011 jQuery Tutorials for Enhancing Your Creativity

There are some web developers who created some great jQuery tutorials and today we just wanted to list some of the 2011 tutorials which really stand out from the simple javascript effect tutorials. So you don’t have to search as we have did that all already. So

Minimal Photography Photos: Irresistible Examples of Minimalism in Photography

Minimal photography photos is where Minimalism comes in and that is when the art is less. That puts in some different kind of beauty, apart from the neat pictures. So when you have to show less art, then you need to have an eye, which focus on the

100 Elegant Examples of Portrait Photography for Inspiration

You will remember when we talked about Silhouette Photography as one of the beautiful art around, and thus the story doesn’t end there because of the existence of Portrait Photography. Facial expressions means much more than just equipment as photographers say, and thus the importance can be

Awesome Fonts of All Time

I often go and check out the collection other bloggers have on their blogs of some awesome free fonts they like. I have been fond of some different amazing free fonts because I use them for Typography purpose in Logo designing. Its alwasy extremely frustrating to check out