Dark Websites Portfolio To Show How Dark Colour Can Be Used in Web

Our mood is depicted by the colors we choose. Even emotions are conveyed through theme as well as the true feelings. We use the bright colours for the good mood, while on the other hand our sad mood or blue mood is depicted by mostly black color

Do You Want To Improve Your Graphic Design Skills?

Design skills are need to be improved with time if you are going to compete in the market. I wrote an article on 1stWebDesigner some days ago where I tried to focus on the main skills that a designer should have in himself and many people commented

How Can You Use Typography Art Effectively?

Typography is one of the most used tool nowadays in graphic designing as well as web designing. Due to the appealing effect Typography leaves on the viewer, it has got rise in its use all over the designing in the world where we use it not only

Giveaway: 250 Custom Business Cards For The Winner From Uprinting.Com

Giveaway time here on Demortalz today. Though we already have promised to give-way an iPad2 when our Facebook fans reach 1000, but now we thought to give you a little surprise with today’s giveaway and then the iPad2 right after this one. More information about today’s give-away

Layout Tutorials of Web Designing for Beginners and Intermediates

Layout Tutorials are on the steak today. Designers these days whether related to any field, need to know about designing websites in Photoshop, for they might want to make a portfolio of themselves. To help out those aspiring designers, today I thought to bring you some tutorials

Tips To Help You Present a Logo Design More Effectively

Logo designing is frankly not that easy to do; if you are a designer, you already know what I am talking about. The story doesn’t end when you finish your project. After spending all those days and hours making the logo you now have to present it to your client and

Single Page Websites: Showcasing 50 Beautifully Designed Single Page Websites

Single Page Websites are always fun to visit. The navigation and the sleek movement changes the overall look and feel of the website. Single page websites could be portfolios, online applications or even temporary page collecting email addresses, these designs aim to provide the user with enough

Html5 Tutorials: Useful Html5 Tutorials to Boost Your Creativity

Html5 tutorials are on the verge of search engines for a while now, as new developers and designers are opting for this technology alot. Its pretty cool to be frank and although some browsers still face some problem supporting it, but some people can’t stop playing with