Stunning Black Wallpapers to Spice up your Desktop

Black is not actually a color. Black is the absence of colors. Due to this, black mostly represents mystery or fear. In many a cultures black is the forbidden color to be worn in any of the occasions. But in some native American countries black color was

25 Responsive Flat WordPress Themes

Flat design is the newest trend in the web and graphic designing industry. Flat Design is a type of minimalist design where not just the content but most of the HTML elements are also minimized to showcase only the most of the important things to the website

14 Best E-Commerce Analytics Tools

Every other business is trying to set its foot on the online platform. The amount of data that is getting generated today online is huge. Every other website now uses some kind of analytics software to know their visitors. Analytics is nothing but some kind of software

25 Beautiful Flat Design Websites For Inspiration

The design community currently surely has a huge love for Flat Design. Ever heard of Microsoft’s Zune Music Player? Though the player was a flop amongst the masses, the design was truly inspirational. It was probably the first device with a Flat UI design. Microsoft changed their

Collection of Stunning Real Space Photography – 40 Examples

Space is a land far away from the earth that carries many interesting concepts and specimen. The mysteries of the special movements have indeed tangled a lot of minds. You don’t really know what’s happening there but, something captures your mind every moment. Many people have tried

Examples of Beautiful Wedding Invitation Card Designs

One of my favourite things to see designed are wedding invites, because there’s so many different artistic directions you can go in that no two designs are ever the same. One thing that’s particularly interesting about them is that they all show the personality of the couple

40 Latest Amazing Logo Designs Inspiration

Pictures say a thousand words. Visual representation of anything is better than explaining it verbally. The same stands true when it comes to branding of any company. Logo forms a vital part of branding for any organization. Being visual it usually appeals more to the masses. Just

40 Lovely and Creative Typography Inspiration

Typography is one of the most important elements web or graphic design. Every designer needs to understand the importance of using typography. Typography is simply placing different types in a manner that is readable and pleasing to the eyes. The choice of typeface, the length between the