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In this modern era the virus of advertisement is prevailing in all over the world. Now-a-days ads are considered as an essential and most preferable part in running a successful business. The main sources through which these companies show their product are TV ads, magazine ads, internet ads, billboards etc. The main purpose behind these advertisements is to get the attention of the target customers. Advertising also helps in branding of the company. Advertisement plays a vital role in promoting the product amongst the buyers, so they try to make their ads more creative than others because a person might get inspired by creativity and give a try to their products. A report shows that in 2010 estimated expenses on advertisement was $467 billion worldwide.

Here we have round up some creative examples of creative advertisements, hope you would like this creative round up and inspire you to get your creative heads to start creative something unique and attractive for your clients and hopefully get some fair share of name and money!

Cafe Rico – An Intense Wake Up Call


HP Printers – Unique Quality Prints


Stop’n Grow – Nail Biter?


Coops Paints


Comforta – Sleep Like it Used to be


Kaga King – Jumbo Peanuts


Pirelli – Safe Transport, Updated

07-ads world.jpg

OHL – Making Road


Oldtimer – Motorway Rest Stops


Carre – Wipe Whatever you’ve Touched


Adidas – All Day I dream about Sneakers


Cemex – Fast Driving Concrete


The Naval Musuem of Alberta


Stv Bet – Find Betting in a new place


Mitsubushi Refrigerators – Keep them Fresh, not misreable


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