Marvellous Digital Art Photography By Raquel Jaramago

Raquel Jaramago is a Technician in Advertising Art by the CENP school of Madrid (2002), where she studied graphic design oriented to advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as analogic photography. After that, she developed her professional career into 2D Artist for mobile, Iphone and pc games, specializing in the “Pixelart” technique. While she continued to develop her personal work in digital art photography, she discovered that this was the best way to express herself and everything else surrounding her was a kind of parallel reality. In 2011 she finished the Master of Expert in fashion and advertising photography by the CES school and the UCM in Madrid, specializing in this kind of photography.

Her photographic interests: cool pictures, weird, disturbing, intriguing, interesting, dreamy, creative and, above all, beautiful images, capturing the ephemeral moment, the feeling, the attitude and character of the people or concepts to portray.

You can view Raquel Jaramago’s Portfolio over at her website or even like her fan page

Raquel Jaramago’s Digital Art Photography

Pinocchia & Geppetta

Photo & Edition: Raquel Jaramago
Models: Ayana Sato, Maryah Marymotto
MUA & Hair Styling: Lorena Morales, Débora Pérez
Clothes Stylist-Designer: Gema María Martín Barbero
digital_art_photography_20_Pinocchia_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_21_Pinocchia_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_22_Pinocchia_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_23_Pinocchia_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_24_Pinocchia_Raquel Jaramago

Alice in Wonderland

Photo & Edition: Raquel Jaramago
Models: Red Mary, Duna Valo
MUA & Hair Styling: Silvia Gil, Laura Camarón
digital_art_photography_10_Alice in Wonderland_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_11_Alice in Wonderland_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_12_Alice in Wonderland_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_13_Alice in Wonderland_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_14_Alice in Wonderland_Raquel Jaramago

Ice Queen

Photo & Edition: Raquel Jaramago
Model: Julija Jakovleva
MUA & Hair Styling: Lorena Morales, Debora Perez
3D Staff & Postproduction assistant: Julija Jakovleva
digital_art_photography_15_Ice Queen_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_16_Ice Queen_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_17_Ice Queen_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_18_Ice Queen_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_19_Ice Queen_Raquel Jaramago

Cruella de Vil

Photo & Edition: Raquel Jaramago
Model: Pilar Bel
MUA & Hair Styling: Vero Torné
digital_art_photography_01_Cruella de Vil_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_02_Cruella de Vil_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_03_Cruella de Vil_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_04_Cruella de Vil_Raquel Jaramago

Snow White

Photo & Edition: Raquel Jaramago
Models: Cristina Lopez Rubio, Emmanuelle Lop Vip
MUA & Hair Styling: Lorena Morales, Jesus Jimenez Checa
digital_art_photography_05_Snow White_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_06_Snow White_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_07_Snow White_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_08_Snow White_Raquel Jaramago
digital_art_photography_09_Snow White_Raquel Jaramago

A total football nerd, he loves designing to the core and also likes to get his hands on some programming. He is the Co-Founder of ArtAtm. He hails from India. You may want to Follow Him On Twitter

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