Lego Art: A Showcase of Amazing Sculptures made of Legos

I remember our childhood when we used to play with them Legos. But we din’t had it in mind at that time, that they can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct such objects as vehicles, buildings and even working robots. Lego Art over the years has gained a lot of importance with respect to both innovation and creativity. Modern art these days involve more of colorful Lego bricks that are bright and make it look livelier as well. These are more expressive and look natural as these are plastic blocks that could fix over each other and this makes them commutable from one place to another as well.

Today I have compiled up a showcase of amazing Lego Sculptures for your Inspiration to be more creative 😉

Lego Sculptures by romero_castellanos

Stepping In? by Tony the Misfit

Lego Art

Face of the Sun by Tony the Misfit

LEGO Mario by dm_meister

Leopard linger by bldesign

Paul Frank’s Julius and Clancy in Lego by Brickbaron

Seargent Bricks by Brickbaron

Show now open by a-corb

Lego Art

Lego Street shots by a-corb

Zorlar’s Dragon Fortress by Brickbaron

The Thought Escapes Me by Tony the Misfit

Lego family by equuspower

Lego by Nannan Z.

Lego Art

Stormo Park by Nannan Z.

Man holding the World in his Hands by Brooklyn Bridge Baby

Lego by Nannan Z.

Casey by Brickbaron

PEEK A BOO…… I SEE YOU by Brooklyn Bridge Baby

Lego docklands by yumyumbubblegum

Lego Art

Pirates! by yumyumbubblegum



Rebirth of New Orleans by NATHAN SAWAYA

Yellow by Nathan Sawaya

Blue by Nathan Sawaya

Mazda2 by Sean Kenney

Lego Art

LEGO train from “30 Rock” by Sean Kenney

Lego Art

Terrapin Turtle by Sean Kenney

Yankee Stadium – 45,000 LEGO pieces by Sean Kenney

Lego Art

Brown Tree Snake by Sean Kenney

Harlequin Frog by Sean Kenney

Lego Art

Purple Flowers by Nannan Z.

Emergence of an Artist by Tony the Misfit

Lego Sculpture by Ice Princess

Lego Sculpture by Ice Princess
Lego Art

Sony Center Berlin by Britta Bohlinger

Lego sculpture Santa Claus by Britta Bohlinger

Grimmhavn by THE BRICK TIME Team

Carats 4 Carrots by I Scream Clone

Lego Art

Tweedy with Yosemite Sam by Mrs Monster

Krazy-verse by monsterbrick

Tower of Pisa by torgugick
Lego Art

Dome of the Rock by torgugick

St. Peter’s Basilica by torgugick

ChichenItza by torgugick
Lego Art

Iwo Jima Replica by NATHAN SAWAYA

Lego Art

Brooklyn Bridge by NATHAN SAWAYA


History of Brickfrenzy by brickfrenzy

Lego Art

Pharaoh by yumyumbubblegum

The Contortion by Nannan Z.

Didi you ever try to make a sculpture with them Legos? Do share with us 😀

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