How Can You Use Typography Art Effectively?

Typography is one of the most used tool nowadays in graphic designing as well as web designing. Due to the appealing effect Typography leaves on the viewer, it has got rise in its use all over the designing in the world where we use it not only to complete the job but as well as convey a message. The creative manner of using typography in various ways has inspired a-lot of designers think more about it and explore new and creative ways for its usage. Maybe, some people disagree with it but if you look deep into the fact, Typography is not just about type and hence today we will tell you some ways where Typography can be used effectively.

Web Designs

There are plenty of websites out there who use typography art in their designs. As web designing involves the most important step of designing a  header of a website and that’s mostly where the typography comes in use. Here are some examples of websites which used Typography in their designs.

A group of designer’s had the initiative to make this website where you can find design news, trends, tips, techniques and others | Viget


A website owned by designer Sean Baker that uses good typography | Elysiumburns

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Nowadays, most designers go for Typography than drawing lines in different 3D softwares and make a logo. The reason behind this is the representation of a logo through typography is more beautiful and looks like an identity for a brand more than a boxed-layout. There are various ways to make a logo, but here are some examples of logos that were made by Typography.

A unique logo design for a band using typography | Dizaynizma

A chief logo made from pure vector. No one will ever misinterpret this logo for the information is pretty obvious | Neverdone


You can find more Inspiration HERE

Business Cards

Even business cards use typography. Business cards have written information about a company or a person from a company and its a way of introducing and keepings others remember a client. Some designers manage to work on a business card effectively using typography.

Obviously, this is indeed a typography inspired design for it filled the entire card with type but managed to emphasize the important parts | Freshbusinesscards

A neat looking business card using type. The client will surely remember you if you have this type of business card | Fensonjeremy



Posters are mostly made by Typography. Posters are any piece of art printed on a paper and attached on a wall or any surface. The designs of a poster should attract an eye, and the widely use of Typography makes it certain that Typography is the best way to convey a  message to the audience. Mostly education posters uses it, but nowadays its use is increasing to every niche for which a poster is made.

A unique poster using typography made in Illustrator | Pau-Norontaus

Starvation posters that uses typography to relay the message | blaze-01


It is indeed very impressive that characters can be used to portray human faces. The designer usually uses different typefaces, various font sizes and several colors to make the portrait beautiful. It really takes a talented person to do this.

Another great exmaple of typography portrait that uses the color green in various shades | mallowmuffin

A fan made this one and for sure Jungsu Park will like it | 7even-is-jet

Street Art

Graffiti artists commonly use text to communicate to their viewers. You’ll find them interesting especially if you’ll see how pretty and cool it looks with the variation of strokes and colors that they use. Some people cannot appreciate street art thinking that it is only a distraction to a beautiful city. But if you will look into it, you’ll realize that there is a deeper meaning on their works.

A graffiti using bubble letters with a lively combination of colors | trendgrafity


Graffiti uses a bit confusing letter styles but this one is much clearer yet still artistic | bristol-street-art


Type can also be used in creating images. Like the typographic portraits, this one is also done by individuals who love to play with type and the outputs are truly impressive.

Done in Adobe Photoshop CS5, this guitar will surely rock your world | kodereaper

A duck made using type with black and white contrast | undefinedRomance


Like posters, boards are installed vertically but these are larger than posters. You can see them along the road or in tall buildings. Sometimes, the designer uses type to relay information. There are times when this is more effective than images, depending on how it is designed and what the text says.

A unique billboard that shows giant fridge magnetsto advertise special whiteware deals of Bond+Bond | tomgooday


One’s attention will surely be attracted to this billboard which instills awareness to people about global warming | waiting4cadence

Magazine Covers

Some books and magazines use typography in their covers to impart uniqueness and creativity. With typography art, it could be eye-catching and it would immediately get the interest of the readers.

A Symposium Book Cover that will surely arise interest for the readers | Strangerka

Wow!Look at how great this magazine cover looks. This will surely attract thousands of readers | gartier


Album Covers

Those times are gone when album covers used images. But nowadays they mix both images and typography. You’ll seldom see an album cover that uses purely typography. Others may think that it is less attractive and is merely a minimal design. But they are wrong. Let us look at the examples below.

An album cover of No Doubt with the title “Rock Steady” | Inspiredology

Spank Rock’s Yoyo album that uses typography in its cover | Inspiredology

Graphic Design

Designers also use typography in different ways. They experiment using typography and convey messages in a unique manner.

This is a conceptual design for a chocolate chip cookies recipe | Postpwned

Looks like poetry arranged differently but still conveys the right message | Kathleenshay

Nowadays, typography can be found anywhere. You will see it at every nook and corner, trying out something creative to catch our sights. Try looking for unique typography designs and I am sure you will appreciate how effective its used. Maybe, it also inspire you to work on a design based on Typography. So, have you tried using typography in your designs? Share with us 😀

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