Curriculum Resume Designs: Examples of Some Impressive Designs

The fastest way to compromise your chance of landing a job in a creative field is to submit a traditional resume. A resume is as good as an advertisement for oneself. Creative professionals need to use their resumes as a tool to show their creativity and design abilities. A resume is your single greatest asset and first impression. If your resume comes across as weak and lacking information, you’ll stand a lesser chance of landing the position or deal you want.

Here I’ve collected 27 examples of beautiful and impressive resume designs of creative porfessionals, which will impressive you in designing your own terrific resume for your job hunt.

1.) CV by Verine

Curriculum resume designs

2.) Curriculum vitate by Sofiane42

3.) CVs by Fransanchez

Curriculum resume designs

4.) MY RESUME by Arianedenise

5.) My Resume by Littlearashi

6.) Typographic Resume by Mac1388

7.) Resume Confidential 2008 by Sercantunali

8.) Bart Claeys

9.) Life Chart – Beta

Curriculum resume designs

10.) Resume Sidsantos by Killersid

11.) Resume by Regularpet

12.) Curriculum Vitae by Jonny Rocket

13.) kenjiBoy resume by Kenji2030


15.) My CV Design by Jordygreen

16.) Kamilmytnik

Curriculum resume designs

17.) My Graphic Design Resume by Mr SunnyBlack

Curriculum resume designs

18.) My resume by WishRecurred

Curriculum resume designs

19.) Resume by Zxcxvxc

Curriculum resume designs

20.) Personal Resume 2010 by Heeeeman

Curriculum resume designs

21.) Curriculum Vitae PDF by Dizzia

Curriculum resume designs

22.) JohnMork Resume

Curriculum resume designs

23.) sebdesign

Curriculum resume designs

24.) My Resume by Montia

Curriculum resume designs

25.) My resume

Curriculum resume designs

26.) MY RESUME by Darthkix

Curriculum resume designs

27.) Curriculum Vitae by AkiDesign

Curriculum resume designs

Best of Luck for Your Job Hunt 😉

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