Creative Office Interior Design Examples

Cubicles for every person and standard chairs in the offices are a thing of the past. Employers now want their employees to get inspired and always stay motivated in the office environment. For this they are conducting many a programs to keep up the employee morale. Another thing that many corporate offices have now looking at very seriously is the interior design of their office space. The workspace are no more conventional. Many giants like the Adobe, Google, Facebook have changed the way an office setup could look like.

The way the interiors are designed in an office directly affects the work productivity of the people. The offices are now more open, with very less cubicles for individuals. To increase teamwork offices now have open spaces where everyone in the team can sit down and work on ideas! The main idea behind good office interior is that employees should be able to spend long hours in the office as comfortably as possible. Employees should always feel that they are in their own comfort zone. A hint of creativity in designing the interiors could very well prove to be the main reason of increased employee performance. Many interior design colleges try to train interior designers for this very creativity in their work.

A playground Slide for coming down a floor, wooden architectural chairs and tables, use of wallpapers and stickers, creative lightings are just some of the examples that can be done in the office interiors. In this post we are publishing some Creative Office Interior Design Examples for you inspiration. Hope these might help some of you out there to try something new for your future projects.

Gray office


Maguire Partners, Los Angeles

office_Interior Design_3
office_Interior Design_4
office_Interior Design_1
office_Interior Design_2

office design

office_Interior Design_7
office_Interior Design_9

My Studio

office_Interior Design_18
office_Interior Design_19
office_Interior Design_17

Office Weavora

office_Interior Design_11
office_Interior Design_12
office_Interior Design_13


office_Interior Design_5
office_Interior Design_6
office_Interior Design_4



Open source work space


Chelsea Workspace



office_Interior Design_18
office_Interior Design_19
office_Interior Design_20

ciber office design

office_Interior Design_22
office_Interior Design_23

JWT Headquarters, New York

office_Interior Design_27
office_Interior Design_28
office_Interior Design_24
office_Interior Design_25
office_Interior Design_26


office_Interior Design_28
office_Interior Design_29
office_Interior Design_30

Topline Office

office_Interior Design_32
office_Interior Design_33
office_Interior Design_31

Adobe HQ -W12 San Jose

office_Interior Design_34
office_Interior Design_35
office_Interior Design_36


office_Interior Design_36
office_Interior Design_37


office_Interior Design_38
office_Interior Design_39

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