The Best Photography Blogs To Help You Learn Photography

If you are a photographer and you want to read about it, explore the exciting resources especially if you are a beginner, you are at the right place. There are some of the best photography resources online such as blogs, news feeds, and much more who posts about tips to do photography in special times, about gears and also techniques. Our blog has been a source of inspiration for many when we tried to bring you one of the best pictures taken for different photography niches. We thought to share with you today, some photography blogs which can benefit you in every other way if you are serious in this hobby.

I myself am a photographer so I do read lot of stuff on the professional photography blogs online and hence I thought to share with you the top and best photography blogs out there. Hope you like them.

Digital Photography School

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Darren Rowse, a digital photography enthusiast is the guy behind Digital Photography School. He tells about his photography blogs:

‘At my previous site I’d written a number of ‘tips’ articles over the past couple of years but it has largely been a site focused upon cameras. As a result I wanted to start a site dedicated purely with ‘how to’ tips.

And Digital Photography School was born.

Some of you who are advanced digital camera users might find some of what is written on this site a little basic, but it’s the new to semi experienced digital camera owner that this site is aimed at. Having said this, even experienced users have already told me that reading the tips I’ve written have been helpful in refreshing their memories and reminding them of lessons once learned.

This ‘School’ is not a formal one by any means. There are no classes, no teachers, no exams – rather it’s a learning environment where I think out loud about what I know and where in our Forum we share what we’re learning by showing our photos and ask and answer each other questions. Also, unlike most schools, the information here is free.’


Photo Focus

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PhotoFocus owned by Scott Bourne is not a blog per se. Instead, it is an online magazine about photography. We publish at least once and sometimes several times each day, with the intent of informing, entertaining and educating people who are interested in photography.

Lightroom Killer Tips

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Kelby Media Group brings you these killer tips so you can get a grip on your post-photography skills and pimp your pictures effectively. One of the most used softwares nowadays is Adobe Lightroom because of Photoshop having its limitations when it comes to workflow and processing.

DP Review

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Digital Photography Review™ is an independent resource dedicated to the provision of news, reviews and information about Digital Photography and Digital Imaging published on their online photography blogs.

DIY Photography

photography blogs (or DIYP in short) is one of all the photography blogs dedicated to photography lovers. They teach you how to take great pictures, and do so without breaking your bank account. So they discuss technology, photography techniques, share a ton of tips, and explore creative and cheap alternatives to expensive studio gear.

Canon Rumors

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Canon Rumors is also among all the photography blogs dedicated to Canon products, news and rumors mostly but it does in a way help the photographers especially the Canon lovers.

Digital Camera Resource Page

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The Digital Camera Resource Page was the first of the “big” digital camera sites, founded in November 1997. The DCRP is designed to be a resource for current and future owners of consumer-level (sub-$2000) digital cameras. The mission of this site is to:

1. To provide honest reviews of digital cameras, with no sugar coating. If I think a camera isn’t a good choice, you’ll know it. Reviews are written without a lot of technical jargon, so everyone can understand them.

2. Do #1 without shoving ads down the throats of our readers. That means no pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials, or any other annoying ads.

The DCRP has been featured in many publications, most notably the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Money Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, and the San Diego Union-Tribune, plus several books.


All Day I Dream About Photography

Not among photography blogs but ADIDAP, or All Day I Dream About Photography, was born on the August 23rd, 2006. Among the photography blogs, here they share with the world their love for photography through tutorials (photography and post processing), news and featured photographers. Today ADIDAP community counts 7727 photography lovers.

photography blogs

I hope if you are a photographer, you do get benefit from these awesome photography blogs I listed above.

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