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Best Designed Websites is ready for the steak today. We always die for the product that make us go ‘WOW’ when we give it the first look. Same goes for web-designs where some makes us smile, some inspire us, some make us love them and some make us confused too ofcourse. I do believe the fact that the purpose of a website is more to convey the message for which the visitor is there but the design is just like the cherry on the cake. I was surfing around and an idea came up my mind of searching for some sites which does the job completely by bringing up the content in a very cool and creative way.

For this purpose, I have compiled up a list which I believe that you might not agree with for the fact that I just don’t go for design but also for the main purpose of the website, and that is to sell the product. So the best design is always the one where the product is sold for sure with having the designer juices flowing. I don’t have any particular order for these sites so that you can judge for yourself.

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This site make it to the list for the GREAT accessibility it provides.

best designed websites

This website do the job easily but the images it provide with the content is what make it stand out for sure.

best designed websites

Sometimes the minimalism and focusing mainly on the content is what makes you win the race.

This site comes up with its little effects which makes you engaged with the site even if the content is not good.

best designed websites

The focus of this site totally fills your vision and takes all your attention.

This site keeps the navigation to the minimum and the little touch of humour with the creative way of communication obviously helped it make to the list.

best designed websites

This site makes it sure that you see the nook and crook of the product you are about to buy from them.

Attention grabbing, good photography, visible headings and a decorated outline of the container is what I think precious in this website’s design.

best designed websites

The contrast of black and white is very rare these days but trust me, its still among the favourites. The easily scrollable and content focused design of this website is also very impressive.

best designed websites

I know you have something on your mind to say for you are disagreeing with me. Please say it out beneath in the comments and also comment with the link to a site that you think should be added to the list. Show us the love by sharing the list.

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