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Astonishing Bokeh Photography Examples

Bokeh Photography is a very special kind of technique used in photography. Mainly professional photographers use this technique. But now a days it is becoming more popular by the immature one’s too. Bokeh is a Japanese word. Its meaning is blur or dim image. Some times when we take a picture and the result comes

Outstanding Collection Of Creative Advertisements

In this modern era the virus of advertisement is prevailing in all over the world. Now-a-days ads are considered as an essential and most preferable part in running a successful business. The main sources through which these companies show their product are TV ads, magazine ads, internet ads, billboards etc. The main purpose behind these

30 Beautiful and Adorable Photos Of Cute Babies

All babies make love beautiful, days smaller, nights too longer, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past left behind, and the future worth living for. A child or a baby in ones house is like a fountain of life. Babies are messenger of peace, harmony and love. A baby is a bridge between angels and humans.