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Examples of Beautiful Wedding Invitation Card Designs

One of my favourite things to see designed are wedding invites, because there’s so many different artistic directions you can go in that no two designs are ever the same. One thing that’s particularly interesting about them is that they all show the personality of the couple – which means you can have very traditional,

Examples of Creative Movie Poster Redesigns

One of the best ways to become a better designer is to practice. As Ira Glass once famously said, the best way to get better at creative work is to do a huge volume of it. And when you’re practicing design work, you get to design things the way you want them made – not

A Showcase of Creative Facebook Timelines for Brands

Facebook’s new Timeline design has been available for it’s users for a while now, but it’s only recently rolled out to brands. Some companies have decided to liven up their new Facebook page by making use of the new, large cover photo and the interesting new timeline features. Various features of the Facebook timeline have