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35 Exquisite Collection of Black and White Photography

Black and White photography is regarded by many photographers as the purest form of photography available today. The reason is originally all the photos used to be black and white and at most monochrome. Such type of photography is termed as monochrome photography. It is also sometimes termed as grayscale photography. There are no use

60 Stunning Collection of Landscape Photography

As beginners most photographers tend to start with landscape photography. Whenever traveling these photographers always keep their cameras ready and stop at every possible scenic spot and start taking photographs of the scenery. Landscape photography is nothing but a shot of nature showing, mostly, vast and infinite spaces, with minimal human-made obstructions. Landscapes provide a

30+ Happy New Year 2013 Wallpaper Collection

New Year always brings a new wave of excitement in the hearts of every person on the earth. The reason, being the hope and possibilities that await in the new year. At the start of the year people start changing a lot of things which is not useful in this year. In computer terms, people

35 Beautiful And Stunning Winter Photos

Winter makes photographers crazy. They are ready to go to any extent, to any remote places, to get the perfect winter, snowy landscape effect. Winter provides you with the best landscapes pictures. Winter photos consist of Fog or Mist pictures, sunrise or sunset photos, landscape photography with combination of blue sky and white snow makes

30 Beautiful Candid Photography Inspiration

Candid Photography is the kind where the subject does not poses for the photograph. It is the natural expression that is caught by the photographer. Candid photographs are taken as a scene happens. These are taken on the go! When taking candid photographs the most important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is

40 Latest Inspiring Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive Web Design is the newest and the hottest trend currently doing the rounds on the web. A Responsive theme is basically a flexible base with fluid grid system that helps your website to adapt to absolutely any mobile device or a tablet or desktops. In short, you would be able to make the theme

40 Stunning Examples of HTML5 Portfolio Websites

HTML is used for representing the content on the websites. Its latest version HTML5 has already started to generate a lot of fuss among the designers around the world. Designers love to learn new techniques and HTML5 has tons of new features and techniques to learn. The canvas element is something which has already made

25 Stunning Premium WordPress Restaurant Themes

Many Cafes, restaurants, bars and lounges are now starting to understand the importance of having an online identity and that is why there is an increasing number of restaurant websites that are being built now. These restaurant owners need to have full control over their websites as the Menu keeps on changing, the rates keep