Astonishing Bokeh Photography Examples

Bokeh Photography is a very special kind of technique used in photography. Mainly professional photographers use this technique. But now a days it is becoming more popular by the immature one’s too. Bokeh is a Japanese word. Its meaning is blur or dim image. Some times when we take a picture and the result comes out as dim, broken or blur. But even then the picture looks beautiful. That aspect of that blurriness is called Bokeh.

Lens play a very important role in taking blur pictures and catching the beauty of that blur image. Sometimes the background images are highlighted and at times light are used to make the image beautiful.

Learning this technique is not a difficult task. One can showcase his collection of blur using this technique. Many professionals are exhibiting their work regularly in art galleries around the world and is well appreciated and liked. Light is the main source of this kind of photography. How to use the effect of light properly to enhance the detail of the blur object or the image is the key. Actually in this technique we are experimenting while using the light as the main ingredient to focus the detail of something. At times light is used as the object. It can be focused in the center, at the corner or even on two sides at the same time.

Shapes are also used in Bokeh. Different angels of shapes are highlighted using the light. Different kind of cameras and lenses and used to enhance the quality of the image or to take the right blur image. Normally 80-140 mm lenses are used. Bokeh vintage lenses are specially made for this kind of technique. You can use any kind of camera compatible with this lens. More powerful lens creates more detailed blur images. It’s the choice of the photographer. Normally professionals like high powered lens for their cameras and cares about it like a baby. In this post we are publishing some Really Awesome and Astonishing Bokeh Photography Examples for your Inspiration.


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