A Collection of Apps That Will Save You Time And Energy

Today it’s all about convenience, time saving and energy conservation. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device. Apps can let your phone or tablet do almost anything that the programmers can imagine, within the technical limitations of the device. A well designed app should be able to meet all three of these criteria and the apps below all do while throwing in a bit of style for good measure.

No one likes to do the same, repetitive and mundane work. Instead, everyone would want to use the free time to do something productive, something that keeps their mind buzzing. You are a busy person, you are always looking to save your time and finish things within your deadlines, so if you’re looking for time saving tools you should definitely click on a few of these babies and give them a test drive today.

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Mighty Deals– Web tools that you actually need at great prices.

‘Deal’ websites are a dime a dozen and, while some are good, the majority sell useless stuff that won’t help you with any of your daily tasks. Mighty Deals is different and, in my opinion, better because they actually have deals on web tools that the busy web pro can use every day. The simple fact is that they won’t waste your time with having to wade through a ton of crap to find one item that you can actually use, and that’s a plus for any busy web pro.
Best Feature – Their ‘freebies’ page has valuable free stuff.

Focus Booster–Time management to help you get things done.

For many of us time has become our enemy rather than our ally. Focus Booster aims to change all that with their free app that helps you cut up your day into time chunks, allowing you to focus on the task at hand and get more accomplished in the time you have. If you’re the type that’s easily distracted this may be just the app you need.
Best Feature – It’s free, easy to install and has practically no learning curve.

5 Minutes– Valuable help for the busy web professional.

Creative types seem to be able to focus better than the rest of us but, no matter who you are, apps and websites that really save time can be quite valuable. And that’s the story with 5 Minutes. If you need help organizing your portfolio or optimizing your sites for Google they have your back and can help you quickly get the word out about who you are and what you have to offer. Online or off they get you the recognition you need to be more successful.
Best Feature – Easy, fast set-up of SEO rich websites.

CodePen – Create demos using different codes.

CodePen is a code editor that allows you to literally write JavaScript, HTML and CSS code and create demos of your ideas (that they call ‘pens’). It’s said to be useful for troubleshooting websites and finding bugs as well, and other uses such as problem solving. To be frank I’m no uber-geek and probably won’t ever use the app, but it has plenty of great feedback already and may be a tool that you find useful.
Best Feature – You can ‘follow’ other pen designs and designers to get inspiration and ideas.

Cropp Me– An auto-crop app for people who take lots of photos.

If you use a lot of pics on your websites you know that cropping them to make them ‘just right’ can be time consuming and tedious. Cropp Me has as app to help you auto-crop those images, cropping them to focus on the most interesting part of the image and saving you enormous amounts of time in the process. You can crop them in batches of 5 also, defining what sizes you want.
Best Feature – There are several predefined crop sizes like avatar, thumbnail and even FB timeline.

FriendBinder– Manage your social life online and off.

The problem with being a super-busy web pro is that sometimes you can lose track of the people you want to keep in touch with or even get lost in a sea of contacts. FriendBinder puts all of your social networks into an easy to use app that lets you send and receives updates and easily get an overview of all of your contacts at once. Cool. No more jumping around from 1 site to the next to try and keep up with everybody.
Best Feature – The app has a user interface that’s easy to learn and use.

Text Expander – Expand snippets automatically while you write.

A lot of writing that web pros do is very similar, and typing the same words or phrases over and over can get monotonous darn quickly. Text Expander lets you make custom abbreviations (snippets) of single words or entire phrases which you can then use instead of having to type those words or phrases out completely every time. That’s what I call a time-saver. I wouldn’t want to make too many because then the problem is remembering all those snippets but it still looks like a great app.
Best Feature – Text Expander works on all devices and platforms.

Raul Dumitrescu is a web addict and social marketing architect at Mostash.com. He also calls himself a professional reader and a pop culture aficionado.

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