40 Creative and Stunning Bottle Designs

The most essential thing that enables the end user to buy a product or a liquor, apart from the quality of the product, is the packaging and the design of the product itself. Brands try to design their products in such a way that they should intimidate the end user to buy their product from the traffic of all the competitors. Companies could really change the tide by designing something unusual and creative and make a stunning first impression on the end user.

This is absolutely true for the Liquor industry or the beverages industry in general. The Bottle Designs of some of the Liquor and Beverages industry make you buy them. They are simple, elegant and modern. It’s pretty amazing how many beautiful combinations we can find in bottle designs and bottle labels, from nice and clean layouts to textures and typefaces, the right packaging can be really eye candy and inspiring.

In this post we are sharing with you 40 Creative and Stunning Bottle Designs that you can look upon as an inspiration in your projects. All these bottles have been very cleverly and creatively done. These could really prove vital for many graphic and package designers around the globe for their current and future projects.

Limited Night party identity concept

Great typography and great use if color makes this design really stunning.

Kale Wines

Lovely Typography and the color of the logo really makes this bottle design worth having a look.

Hreuzberg Bottle Package Design

Fabtastic use of colors and the name has been showcased elegantly

Coco Vodka

A simple, minimalist and elegant design.

Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack

Lovely way to illustrate the winter theme on the bottle.

Villa Bucher Chardonnay Label

Elegant and Modern design with a lovely way to show off the name “Villa Bucher”

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

The new label maintains a balance of filigree, iconography, and special typographic elements, in black and white with a touch of silver.

Salla Estate

Pretty solid graphics and color.

Snake Blood

It takes advantage of the bottle shape and glass as the label instead of having a stick-on label with a definitive shape.

Defesa_Herdade do Esporão

The typo and the design at the footer really makes this an awesome design and also the color compliments the whole design


The concept of this bottle design was to showcase the tagline “in the future”. The design was also about minimalism.

Grândola Wine / label design

Small Granules on the graphics to match the color of the wine. A very sophisticated design.

Wine Bottle

Effective, clever and wonderful colors


The target of this beer bottle design was to make the design versatile but limit it down to a single color graphics.

Mad Men Beer

The color takes all the credit in the design. The design is also pretty modern.

GRENOLI wine label

Showcasing the 3 soccer legends. The typography is quite elegant and the design is minimal.

Hand Made Wine Label SHIRAZ

When thinking of handmade this design surely takes a peak position. The showcasing of the red color Wine is also pretty awsome.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Great use of colors and also the retro style makes this an elegant design.

Hotel Ambrose

The Bottle Design is classic like Victorian style but fresh.


This bottle Design was made to celebrate the 100 years. The design concentration was mainly on the crest, pattern and the updated color palette.


The bottle is pretty clean and the graphics on the bottle just caps the whole concept

Genuine Russian Vodka

The bottle design idea is coming from Saint Basil’s cathedral – symbol of Moscow and whole Russia. The design is made from that 4 color patterns to play around classic vodka tastes: pepper, original (clean taste), cranberry with sugar and lemon.

Koji Kin Wine Label

Wonderful details, smooth curves and a classy look, these bottles stand out for the amazing lines. Just look to the caps design and the beautiful work with the labels.

Jonti Griffin

A clean, modern brand identity

Snow Queen Vodka

The balance of the different elements was realigned to allow the Queen itself to be the heroine, while the branding was reinforced to allow the brand to attain a higher shelf standout.

Licor Beirão

The bottle has a very elegant design and is made of glass and then painted matte black. There are some transparent parts, from where you can observe the liquor. The contrast between black and color of liquor gives a very strong and elegant look to the bottle.

Jenny Pan

The design reflects an elegant and whimsical approach to a new vision for a local boutique winery.

Grassini Family Vineyards

New bottle design components include metallic silk-screened bottles, individually signed and numbered labels and hand-dipped wax seals.

Chopin 200

This bottle design is a new identity integrating the existing Chopin logo with a 200 graphic that playfully revealed Chopin’s portrait through the bottle.

Lovells Lager

The dragon became an icon to symbolise the concept. The bottle label design used traditional beer cues, whilst the neck label was the vehicle for creative expression, wit and humour.

Padre Divino

Truly royal style colors and packaging.

Hurlimann Sternbrau

A simple yet modern design

Azeite_Herdade do Esporão

The graphics made on the bottle rather than on the label makes this one stand out.

Unsworth Vineyards

The labels feature silver foil, subtle embossed details, and a die-cut shape that is carried throughout the rest of the winery’s marketing materials.


The challenge was to get to the campaign of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, thus the women. Lovely Hair Illustration.

Absolut Watkins

The bottle design is signed Liselotte Watkins, the famous Swedish artist and fashion illustrator. Lovely illustrations to get to the concept.

Alberta Premium

The iconic bottle shape was retained-the label features silver foil and black foil overlays, a neck wrap was added as was a strip stamp with some of the key attributes.

Black Ship Brewing

The color palette is pulled from the dark and fierce associated with pirates and men of adventure, and the type concentrates on combining ruggedness and sophistication.

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