15 examples of creative fashion websites

Fashion moves fast, and you can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed when you hit the high street on a Saturday afternoon. We know we do. So to help keep the fun in fashion, keep you up to date with the latest trends – and keep your cool in the changing room – here’s a quick look at our essential 15 creative fashion blogs, online magazines, Fashion websites and stores; bookmark them today.

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1. rookiemag.com

Tavi Gevinsonburst onto the fashion blogging scene when she was just 13 years old. She may be young in years but this child-prodigy is respected by fashion editors across the globe and has not only modelled for Rodarte; she’s also graced the cover of every uber-hip magazine going, including Pop. Now at the ripe old age of 15 she has recently launched her brand new website Rookie, full of humorous, insightful observations on life as a teenage fashionista.


2. focusonstyle.com

Focusonstyle.com is an online fashion magazine that’s jam-packed full of features and advice on all matters beauty, hot-tipped designers, runway shenanigans and fashion news. The brainchild of New York based columnist and stylist Sharon Haver, the site is filled with her signature witty prose and a refreshingly realistic approach to staying in the fashion loop as a real woman.


3. garycardiology.blogspot.com

Gary Card is a set designer whose fashion-insider blog is a favorite with the likes of Stella McCartney and Lady Gaga. More than just a clothing site, his beautifully conceptualized blog is filled with the hottest new restaurants, music videos and designers.


4. asos.com

There was a time when fashion home-shopping was limited to the realms of mail-order elasticated waist slacks bought from the back page of red-top newspaper supplements. Enter Asos, and the online fashion revolution began. With the ultimate mix of designer labels, own-brand affordable separates and hot-off-the-runway replicas, asos.com has defined internet shopping and as yet remains unmatched.


5. thesartorialist.com

One of the most popular and respected fashion blogs belongs to New Yorker Scott Schumann. Launched in 2005, The Sartorialist has been recognized by trend-setting Time magazine as one of its biggest design influences. He has worked for Burberry, modelled for Gap and is a noted photographer – check out his site and see how Schumann will make his mark on your individual style.


6. lucire.com

Lucire.com is an online global fashion magazine targeted towards a high-end, trend-savvy audience. With pages dedicated to beauty, news, lifestyle, design and shopping, its multinational presence makes it an influential and up-to-date source of all things fashion – it even has its own TV channel!


7. net-a-porter.com

This luxury online-only store makes shopping for designer goodies all too easy. Filled with lust-inducing labels including Moschino, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs, it also features a hot-off-the-press weekly magazine with features on the latest it girls, models, muses and design news. Even if all you do is fantasy shop on your lunch hour, and get no further than the ‘add to cart page’, net-a-porter.com is sure to influence your personal style with just one click.


8. stylebubble.typepad.com

With over 10,000 hits a day, Susie Lau’s young and fresh London-centric blog, Style Bubble, is one of the most trusted sites by fashion editors in the know. Use it to keep up to date with the hottest new designers and the latest street-style looks about to break big.


9. hintmag.com

With almost 12,000 followers on Facebook, Hint Magazine’s website, online blog and newsletter makes it a huge trend reporter and dictator. It features news, model introductions, photo shoots, interviews and party pictures. Check out the online store too, for the latest Dismissed t-shirts and hipster-favourite Kick Eyes glasses by Nono Muaks.


10. whatkatiewore.com

The experiment may be complete, but Katie Mackay and her partner Joe Sinclair’s groundbreaking blog is the original and best online fashion journal. Wearing a different outfit every day for a year, with namechecks as eclectic as TK Maxx and Dark Horse, whatkatiewore.com became so huge that at its height it was receiving over 7,000 hits per day and was revered by fashion writers from Grazia, Company and Style. A living testament to their life together, Sinclair’s lovestruck descriptive copy serves to make the cute couple every bit as huggable as they are hip. The fashion world mourned when the 12-month challenge finally reached completion.


11. store.americanapparel.co.uk

With the likes of Chloe Sevigny queuing up to model for this US fashion juggernaut, American Apparel shows no signs of relaxing its hold on the trend-conscious imagination. Known for its simple, one-color and utilitarian-chic style, American Apparel’s website is the go-to digital store for hipsters and fashion-conscious under 35s across the globe.


12. models.com

This online fashion magazine is like a high-end glossy with all the frustrating ads ripped out. A reference site for the modelling industry, it receives over one million visitors a month and is filled with backstage exclusives plus the latest names making it big off and on the runway.


13. topshop.com

Every bit as important as the Oxford Circus flagship store, topshop.com is a monster of a website filled with essential basics, accessories, shoes, makeup – you name it. It’s also the place to go for affordable one-offs from up and coming designers before they make it big. Sign up for the newsletters to receive capsule collection updates at your desk.


14. vogue.com

It would be impossible to do a lineup of fashion’s great and good without mentioning the trend-defining giant that is Vogue. Every bit as influential as the iconic magazine, vogue.com is the go-to site for the definitive lowdown on the latest designers, up-and-coming models, hot trends and fashion news as it happens.


15. matchesfashion.com

Established in 1987 by Tom and Ruth Chapman, the Matches Fashion empire now stretches to 14 stores plus a traffic-heavy website attracting 7 million visitors a year and over 1,000 orders a week. Look it up for big names including Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Burberry plus up and coming names like Rag & Bone, Sykes and Brian Reeves.


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