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Examples of Beautiful Wedding Invitation Card Designs


One of my favourite things to see designed are wedding invites, because there’s so many different artistic directions you can go in that no two designs are ever the same. One thing that’s particularly interesting about them is that they all show the personality of the couple – which means you can have very traditional, […]

03 Jul 2013

Dan Robinson

Graphics / Inspiration

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Stunning Flyer Design For your Inspiration – 30 Examples


Flyers play an important role when you are promoting your product. They enhance the promotion element. But, if you wish to gauge a person’s attention towards your flyer, you would have to create an attractive flyer. Posters and Brochures are other tools for advertising but Flyers surely takes the upper-hand! A flyer is similar to […]

16 May 2013


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2013 Calendar Design Inspiration


Branding is an integral part of any marketing campaign for any company. Branding covers posters, banners, business cards, flyers, etc. But quite a few of them miss out on distributing calendars. For any organization, small or big, calendars are a must. Calendars and diaries in the new year are the very first thing that you […]

22 Jan 2013




45 Advertising Posters With Funny and Creative Ideas


Designing a poster needs the most creative of the minds. A bad poster advertisement would put off thousands of your potential customers in one go. But, if the advertisement is creative enough and able to convey the right message, then it could send in thousands of new visitors and referrals to your website or physical […]

24 Sep 2012




A Showcase Of Beautiful Brochure Designs


Much like your business card, a well crafted brochure is an essential piece of marketing collateral you really can’t do without. And brochures can come in many guises. Brochure printing has taken a whole new dimension. The most popular and commonly seen is the traditional bi-fold single sheet, printed on both sides and folded in […]

16 Jul 2012

Juleit Pena

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50 Stunning and Clever Postcard Designs For Inspiration


Postcards are a combination of both Print media and Direct Mailing/Marketing solution for companies. Most of you must have surely received postcards on your birthdays or for an invitation to an event or directly from a company to promote their products and offers. Most of them turn out to be quite boring which consist of […]

60 Cool and Creative Sticker Designs for Inspiration


Kids love stickers. Be it the lockers, books or wardrobes, they would love to put their favourite cartoon character or sportsperson stickers on. Because of so much love, Stickers are now being very actively used as a great advertising and branding tool. A great design on a sticker could compel a person to start using […]

70 Unique and Creative Designs of Hang Tags


Advertising, Marketing and Branding are the 3 most important aspects of any business. Print media lends a big hand when it comes to these 3 elements. Be it posters, brochures, flyers, etc. Many few of us ever take a look at the hang tags as a branding or advertising exercise. Hang tags are the piece […]