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Amazing And Beautiful Photography Shots That Would Make You Say WOW In An Instant


I am an avid fan of photography. I love taking photographs. Everyday I take around 30-40 photos of things that i see on the street or people in my office or make my friends take poses. At the end of the day starts my work of making those photos stunning and beautiful. Despite of doing […]

35 Awesome Tree Wallpapers Collection


Wallpapers are a great source of inspiration for anyone. Wallpapers of natural beauty like the trees, clouds, sun, snow, etc. make up for some really mind soothing view. Trees play a vital role in most of the nature wallpapers. The different colors of trees during different seasons like spring and autumn make up for a […]

28 May 2013



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40 Beautiful Beach Wallpapers


Beaches are favorite destination for many a people. Beaches prove to be the place to go away from stress. Some go for the sun heat, some go to enjoy the water, while some just enjoy the lovely atmosphere and environment. There are many amazing and beautiful beaches all around the world. But, one cannot go […]

28 Jan 2013




60 Stunning Collection of Landscape Photography


As beginners most photographers tend to start with landscape photography. Whenever traveling these photographers always keep their cameras ready and stop at every possible scenic spot and start taking photographs of the scenery. Landscape photography is nothing but a shot of nature showing, mostly, vast and infinite spaces, with minimal human-made obstructions. Landscapes provide a […]

07 Jan 2013

Amit Gupta



35 Beautiful And Stunning Winter Photos


Winter makes photographers crazy. They are ready to go to any extent, to any remote places, to get the perfect winter, snowy landscape effect. Winter provides you with the best landscapes pictures. Winter photos consist of Fog or Mist pictures, sunrise or sunset photos, landscape photography with combination of blue sky and white snow makes […]

26 Nov 2012

Amit Gupta

Photography / Wallpapers

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45 Beautiful Nature And Landscape Canada Photography


Nature always attracts photographers and that is why you would easily find some of the best Canada photography all around the web. Canada is a land with vast distances with a population of around 35 million. It is full of rich natural resources. The nation comes under the category of developed nation with high economical […]

35 Most Stunning Autumn Wallpapers


Nature wallpapers are often used to bring in calmness and relaxation. Autumn is one of the most loved season of many. Autumn has become synonymous to falling leaves and colorful trees. Autumn is the transition between summer and winter. During autumn, the leaves fall off the trees and hedges. During Autumn nature flirts with a […]

20 Sep 2012