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45 Dragon Ball Z Wallpapers Collection


Dragon Ball is one of the most followed animation series on Television. The popularity of the series could be known by the fact that even after decades of it being aired for the first time, the same episodes are still being aired and viewed on TV. The first episode of Dragon Ball was aired on […]

04 Mar 2013



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45 Surreal Pencil Drawings and Illustrations


It is really unbelievable to see how many designers use and explore different everyday things and convert them into extreme designs. For example, Yulia is a paper artist, who works only with papers and make designs that is not even possible with design software. Another type of artists are the painters or drawers. They wow […]

31 Jan 2013


Art / Inspiration

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60+ Beautiful Christmas Desktop Wallpaper Collection


Christmas is fast approaching, decorations are in houses and offices – but what about your desktop? In the spirit of Christmas, change your desktop to Christmas wallpapers to something more festive and be reminded of the holiday season. With computer users growing rapidly all around the globe, people today are more interested in decorating their […]

24 Dec 2012



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Collection of Awesome Batman Artworks – 38 Examples


Batman is a fictional super hero character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The first appearance of this character can be traced back to 1939 Detective comic’s 27th edition. Bruce Wayne, who is real life of the comic series, is a multi billionaire business tycoon in the city of Gotham. The tragic murder of […]

12 Sep 2012

Mike Wagner

Graphics / Inspiration


Showcase Of Broken Heart and Anti Valentines Day Artwork


Almost every other couple have had a terrible breakup. There are many singles roaming around everywhere with absolutely no hope of getting the “Special One”. Some people who just do not want to find the special one. Designers, as always, never stay behind be it any situation. Designers wear their creative hats to showcase this […]

Why So Serious? HD Wallpapers


Almost everyone of us had a favorite superhero when we were kids. Reading their comics was the favorite passtime. Then came the cartoons of the superheros because of which we were always glued to our televisions. Then came their movies. The Dark Knight of Batman is one such movie. Everyone surely remembers the Joker of […]

01 Dec 2011



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