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A Showcase Of Beautiful Brochure Designs


Much like your business card, a well crafted brochure is an essential piece of marketing collateral you really can’t do without. And brochures can come in many guises. Brochure printing has taken a whole new dimension. The most popular and commonly seen is the traditional bi-fold single sheet, printed on both sides and folded in […]

16 Jul 2012

Juleit Pena

Graphics / Inspiration

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35 Creative and Mind Blowing Brochure Designs


Internet has changed the way a brand approached its users. Internet Marketing has given a whole new dimension to advertising. Brands have now started advertising in a much different way than they used to 3-4 years ago. But, this does mean that the Print advertising has lost its charm. It is still one the most […]

22 Mar 2012


Art / Graphics / Inspiration