35 Most Stunning Autumn Wallpapers


Nature wallpapers are often used to bring in calmness and relaxation. Autumn is one of the most loved season of many. Autumn has become synonymous to falling leaves and colorful trees. Autumn is the transition between summer and winter. During autumn, the leaves fall off the trees and hedges. During Autumn nature flirts with a […]

20 Sep 2012




Collection of Awesome Batman Artworks – 38 Examples


Batman is a fictional super hero character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The first appearance of this character can be traced back to 1939 Detective comic’s 27th edition. Bruce Wayne, who is real life of the comic series, is a multi billionaire business tycoon in the city of Gotham. The tragic murder of […]

12 Sep 2012

Mike Wagner

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10 Beautiful Premium WordPress Themes


If it’s all you look for a successful blogging platform, WordPress should be the very thing to strike up your brains. So, what’s it making WordPress too powerful? With result to its efficient content management system, WordPress withholds its name for being a successful blogging system to millions world-wide. It is with its numerous themes […]

10 Sep 2012

Riya Sherin

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Marvellous Digital Art Photography By Raquel Jaramago


Raquel Jaramago is a Technician in Advertising Art by the CENP school of Madrid (2002), where she studied graphic design oriented to advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as analogic photography. After that, she developed her professional career into 2D Artist for mobile, Iphone and pc games, specializing in the “Pixelart” technique. While she continued […]

07 Sep 2012


Art | Inspiration | Photography

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50 Free Joomla Templates in 10 Different Categories


Joomla is known as a powerful content management system. It enables users to build a wide variety of web sites and blogs and it has something to offer programmers, designers and webmasters regardless of the level of experience. Millions of people have already downloaded Joomla and they have many reasons for this: first of all, […]

05 Sep 2012

Template Monster

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Country Photography Series: Incredible India Photography


I love photography. I cannot stop publishing inspirational photography articles. Just a few days ago, I was looking at some gorgeous Travel photographs. At that point of time an idea crossed my mind, how cool would it be to collect photographs of various countries, its monuments, its specialities, its negatives, everything that represents that country. […]

03 Sep 2012


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40 Latest Inspiring Responsive WordPress Themes


Responsive Web Design is the newest and the hottest trend currently doing the rounds on the web. A Responsive theme is basically a flexible base with fluid grid system that helps your website to adapt to absolutely any mobile device or a tablet or desktops. In short, you would be able to make the theme […]

30 Aug 2012

Amit Gupta

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