35 Stunning Grunge Typography Inspiration


Typography is very effective. It offers an everlasting impression when we distinguish them with other brands that use various colors, styles and designs. They are simple and plane and can be easily understood what a person wants to present before you. This pattern is adopted by mostly all the websites. Now the Grunge Style Typography […]

25 Jan 2013

Mike Wagner

Art | Inspiration | Typography


2013 Calendar Design Inspiration


Branding is an integral part of any marketing campaign for any company. Branding covers posters, banners, business cards, flyers, etc. But quite a few of them miss out on distributing calendars. For any organization, small or big, calendars are a must. Calendars and diaries in the new year are the very first thing that you […]

22 Jan 2013




30 Most Creative and Beautiful HTML5 Powered Websites


Now days you observe that all websites are designed using the latest HTML5 version. This is a markup language in which the content in a refined language can be written on World Wide Web or on other internet pages. This is the fifth generation of HTML that was launched as a replacement to HTML4 that […]

21 Jan 2013

Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar

Inspiration | Web Design

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35 Exquisite Collection of Black and White Photography


Black and White photography is regarded by many photographers as the purest form of photography available today. The reason is originally all the photos used to be black and white and at most monochrome. Such type of photography is termed as monochrome photography. It is also sometimes termed as grayscale photography. There are no use […]

15 Jan 2013

Amit Gupta



Showcase of Best Magento Themes


Magento is one of the leading out-and-out ecommerce platforms. It offers variety of online services with new flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality over the eCommerce stores. Magento’s boundless easy-to-use features and plenty of best themes available on the marketplace will give your website an adorable and professional look undoubtedly. Apart from […]

11 Jan 2013

Melvin Rajiv

Web Design

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30 Amazing Festival Photos of the Philippines


Having more than 7,000 islands gives the Philippines the same number of reasons to hold festivals every year. These are the times when Filipinos wear their Sunday best, cook their families’ secret recipes, and adorn their houses and streets with psychedelic dĂ©cor. Filipinos hold festivals for different reasons, including age-old traditions, religious icons, and in […]

09 Jan 2013

Vincent Sevilla


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60 Stunning Collection of Landscape Photography


As beginners most photographers tend to start with landscape photography. Whenever traveling these photographers always keep their cameras ready and stop at every possible scenic spot and start taking photographs of the scenery. Landscape photography is nothing but a shot of nature showing, mostly, vast and infinite spaces, with minimal human-made obstructions. Landscapes provide a […]

07 Jan 2013

Amit Gupta



30+ Happy New Year 2013 Wallpaper Collection


New Year always brings a new wave of excitement in the hearts of every person on the earth. The reason, being the hope and possibilities that await in the new year. At the start of the year people start changing a lot of things which is not useful in this year. In computer terms, people […]

27 Dec 2012

Amit Gupta