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A Showcase of Colourful Business Cards


Historically, business cards were always quite professional and elegantly designed. They tended to be quite stark and clean – and branding wise, they may even have been described as being a little uptight. They were typically black and white, in part because that was the style of the time and also in part because of […]

23 Aug 2013

Alex Black


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Stunning Black Wallpapers to Spice up your Desktop


Black is not actually a color. Black is the absence of colors. Due to this, black mostly represents mystery or fear. In many a cultures black is the forbidden color to be worn in any of the occasions. But in some native American countries black color was said to be very sacred as the color […]

16 Aug 2013



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25 Responsive Flat WordPress Themes


Flat design is the newest trend in the web and graphic designing industry. Flat Design is a type of minimalist design where not just the content but most of the HTML elements are also minimized to showcase only the most of the important things to the website visitors. Traditionally, you could easily find many Flat […]

08 Aug 2013


Web Design

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14 Best E-Commerce Analytics Tools


Every other business is trying to set its foot on the online platform. The amount of data that is getting generated today online is huge. Every other website now uses some kind of analytics software to know their visitors. Analytics is nothing but some kind of software used by organizations and individuals to understand data. […]

02 Aug 2013


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