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Websites Where Cute and Funny Twitter Birds Nest


You will hardly find a person who doesn’t know about Twitter. This social-networking tool is now used by more than 140 million people worldwide and as you may guess it’s not the limit. Thousands of webmasters have already integrated Twitter icons into their websites, blogs and online stores and if you’d like to do the […]

30 Jun 2012

Helen Bailey

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15 Worst Web Design Trends You Probably Did Before


Since the art of web design only proliferated in the ’90s, most of us have seen it evolve through the years. But before it became the reader-friendly, easy-on-the-eye designs of today, amateur and pro web designers alike most probably committed one or two colossal blunders in the discipline of proper designing.Web design mistakes are the […]

28 Jun 2012

Nikko Marasigan

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50 Stunning and Clever Postcard Designs For Inspiration


Postcards are a combination of both Print media and Direct Mailing/Marketing solution for companies. Most of you must have surely received postcards on your birthdays or for an invitation to an event or directly from a company to promote their products and offers. Most of them turn out to be quite boring which consist of […]

60 Cool and Creative Sticker Designs for Inspiration


Kids love stickers. Be it the lockers, books or wardrobes, they would love to put their favourite cartoon character or sportsperson stickers on. Because of so much love, Stickers are now being very actively used as a great advertising and branding tool. A great design on a sticker could compel a person to start using […]

25 Stunning Premium Single Page WordPress Themes


Nowadays we have practically an unlimited number of websites on Internet and it’s impossible to visit all these across the life time. Under these circumstances I am wondering how somebody could make reference to originality, we are talking about small differences amongst websites and nothing more. The positive aspect is that the web designers come […]

20 Jun 2012

Daniel Pintilie

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70 Unique and Creative Designs of Hang Tags


Advertising, Marketing and Branding are the 3 most important aspects of any business. Print media lends a big hand when it comes to these 3 elements. Be it posters, brochures, flyers, etc. Many few of us ever take a look at the hang tags as a branding or advertising exercise. Hang tags are the piece […]

45 Stunning and Creative Poster Designs


Though Social media might have taken the grand stand in the advertising world, print media still has got the strength to get the brands their customers. Posters surely take up a very special place in the advertising industry. Designers thrive on creativity and imagination and Poster designs allow designers to get their creative hats out […]

15 Jun 2012


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20 Beautiful Flyer Design Inspiration


Flyers has always been a key element in marketing of major events and parties. Flyers are mostly single page leaflets where the various information about the event are mentioned. Businesses use them to promote the various products and services. Though, today there are many social media sites where such events are promoted at a very […]