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Astonishing Bokeh Photography Examples


Bokeh Photography is a very special kind of technique used in photography. Mainly professional photographers use this technique. But now a days it is becoming more popular by the immature one’s too. Bokeh is a Japanese word. Its meaning is blur or dim image. Some times when we take a picture and the result comes […]

29 May 2012

Style Dip

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Outstanding Collection Of Creative Advertisements


In this modern era the virus of advertisement is prevailing in all over the world. Now-a-days ads are considered as an essential and most preferable part in running a successful business. The main sources through which these companies show their product are TV ads, magazine ads, internet ads, billboards etc. The main purpose behind these […]

28 May 2012

Style Dip


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25 Stunning Premium WordPress Restaurant Themes


Many Cafes, restaurants, bars and lounges are now starting to understand the importance of having an online identity and that is why there is an increasing number of restaurant websites that are being built now. These restaurant owners need to have full control over their websites as the Menu keeps on changing, the rates keep […]

10 May 2012

Amit Gupta

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20 Awesome And Cool Playing Card Designs


The history of playing cards reaches far back in time, with the earliest recorded reference found in the literature of 9th Century China. Card design generally adapts according to the needs of the games to be played; they also need to be uniform and durable. Beyond this playing card design changed according to the times […]

07 May 2012

James Adams

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