You will come across lots of queries when you are preparing to start a project of logo design. What I am going to draft down here are not the exact questions you will be asking your clients, but these will give you the idea of the discussion you need to have. I have tried to break down this discussion into five different categories which will focus on the Company’s details and its main aim, the design preferences your client has, the audience to which the logo will be presented, the budget you want them to have for the project and deadline you have to meet.

It is indeed very crucial to collect information from your client before starting the project. This will help you to add a successful project to your portfolio as well as earn respect in client’s eyes which is good for you in long-term.

1. Company Details

It takes a long time to decide a company’s name for it is always tried that the name have everything about the company. Well, the same is the case with the logo. The logo’s design should clearly promote what it stands for i.e. what niche it belong to. Hence you need to ask your client

What does the name of the company mean?

What does their company do?

What is the thing that sets their company apart and better from their competitors?

What are the services that they provide?

Who is their main competitor?

These questions will give you an idea about whom you’re working for and where should you get your motivation from i.e. the main competitor. A competitor always helps you in building your own strategy. I know this is a black-hat way of doing so, but in real terms, it’s called inspiration. Have a look at the logo of the competitor and realize how they have tried to focus their logo wholly on the company’s niche.

2. Design preferences

Following the conversation about the company itself, you should get down to the design. Ask your client for their requirements in the logo’s design:

What is tag line for their company?

Why don’t they like the current logo?

What is their preferred color?

Do they want to use any Typography in the logo?

What in their opinion is the main purpose of a logo?

Where will they use their new logo?

The tag line is sometimes used as the typography in a logo’s design. Whereas the current logo will give you the idea about what you must not and what you must include in the new design of their logo. Typography has improved very much due to the 3D features of software like Illustrator and thus has brought an increase to its use too. The use of the logo is another factor that can help you chose the colors to be used so the design can present a good contrast with the medium it is used in.

3. Audience

Some companies have a target audience which maybe a city, a country or a gender etc. The discussion about their target audience is also important for the reason that you need to look at the logo from target audience’s point of view. It is only then that you will marginally succeed in preparing the logo exactly as the audience need. So,

Who is their audience?

Who uses their products or talk about it?

Who is their target audience that they are still struggling for?

How does their audience reach them?

What is the age range of their customers?

You might ask your client to do a survey among his current audience and provide you with the results. This will help you identify the age range of your audience, their taste and the audience that you have to reach. The purpose of stressing very much on this sector is because a logo mostly make it to the header section of almost every document of a company and if it is not appealing, the chances are that no one goes through the rest of the document.

4. Budget

Another topic you need to talk about with your client is indeed that how much you will cost them for the project. Ask your client about their budget and how much are they willing to spend on the design of their new logo. They might be willing to see some samples which you will charge for too and it would be a good thought if you also ask them about the number of samples they would like to visualize to reach the idea for their new logo. It will also be a nice idea if you propose them some more services other than just designing the logo, so to make them your permanent customer.

5. Deadline

Being a designer, it’s not necessary that you are doing one project at a time and hence because of your busy schedule, it’s necessary to ask your client about when they are expecting you to submit the new logo and if they might give you some more days.


I gathered 10 logos for your inspiration which goes just with the questions that I have recommended asking your client above. These logos represent what the company is for and who is it for, hence these are one of the successful logo design.

1. Chocochoke

2. Photography of Nature

3. Ripe Films

4. Frog Burger

5. Battery

6. Chef Boyar Dog

7. Pre-School Music Class

8. Dotfish Logo

A logo created for a design studio.

9. Looped

A logo that could be used for any kind of business.

10. Talknomics

Logo design for website. I like the color scheme and overall design of this one.

Case Study

This case study is about the process that took place while designing the logo for Vivid Ways by Chris Spooner.

Chris, after having some discussion with Scott and John came to know about the Vivid Ways as new blog on the field which is mainly about colorful living, inspiration and as an encouragement to the readers for new ideas. Here is when Chris got his first idea about the design i.e. the logo should be colorful. On other hand, when he started sketching out some ideas, he thought about putting in some life into the design and thus he used the ‘V’ and ‘W’ from the name of the brand and made a smoothing curly version of it.

When he came down to choose the color, he realized the importance of the usage of this logo. Keeping in mind about its main use on the blog, he thought to map it in a way it could fit the website’s design. The Blue color is what contrasted the best with the design but the ribbon shape aroused the idea of a rainbow and thus he added some more colors to it too.

From this whole process of logo designing, you might have learned about the importance of all the questions I listed above. Vivid Ways blog’s main theme is surely reflected from their logo as well as Chris made a good use of the Typography by shaping the letters to make a ribbon. Creative, Unique and Colorful. Hence a brilliant design.

I always try to leave some room for my clients for some additional details and comments to receive from them. You are a real problem solver if you are a graphic designer and a problem cannot be solved unless some discussion takes place. What questions do you ask your clients prior to starting a project? Feel free to add to the above questions in the comments below.

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