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100 Outstanding Examples of Bird Photography

Bird Photography_ (86)

Nature has a lot for us artists and Photographers is one of those genres that helps us look into it in a different way. Although we have tried to cover different aspects of photography on our blog but today we thought to get into the wild life a bit. Birds are taken as wildlife for […]

Fresh Jquery Plugins from 2011

jquery plugin

jQuery plugins are very necessary if you are running a website or a blog having a portfolio. Many photographers who are using magazined style wordpress themes on their blogs use these  jquery plugins for their portfolio because of its awesome results. Developers get the chance to enrich their websites with amazing elements with the help of these […]

27 Oct 2011


Web Design

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Awesome And Beautiful Fresh Fonts of 2011

One doesn’t stop from searching for awesome and beautiful fonts, especially fresh fonts as in right now for 2011. Today we thought to collect some of the beautiful fonts from 2011 and make a showcase of them so you can use these script fonts in your logos or for typography in your web designs. All […]

25 Oct 2011



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The Best Photography Blogs To Help You Learn Photography


If you are a photographer and you want to read about it, explore the exciting resources especially if you are a beginner, you are at the right place. There are some of the best photography resources online such as blogs, news feeds, and much more who posts about tips to do photography in special times, […]

24 Oct 2011




Exceptional Resource Full of Jquery Image Gallery


Those portfolio sites out there very commonly use the jQuery image galleries or sliders to display their images and photos. It also provides a good user experience making the image viewing more pleasant. This is because of the concise javascript handling with a very little code. One of the amazing thing about Jquery is that […]

19 Oct 2011


Graphics / Web Design


What Does It Take To Get A Job At Google: An Infographic


Are you after one of those top jobs offered by Google? Well you are no different than every other tech geek who is a fan of the giant technology head; Google. Getting a job at Google is not a piece of cake and you for sure go through a very tough to get through process […]

18 Oct 2011



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Showcasing Beautiful And Creative Short Animated Films


Designers, Artists and Graphic professionals nowadays have come up with these animated short films when they bring us a beautiful story in less than 5 minutes video. These animated films are sometimes nominated for Oscar Academy awards because of their awesome creativity. I have tried to collect some best animated short films consisting of genres […]

14 Oct 2011



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