Logo designing is frankly not that easy to do; if you are a designer, you already know what I am talking about. The story doesn’t end when you finish your project. After spending all those days and hours making the logo you now have to present it to your client and make him a loyal customer. You have to make sure that your design is accepted by the client without disappointments. In order to guide you we will give you some tips on how to perfect the professional inside of you, so that you can present your logo design in an effective way.


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Always discuss the design of your logo with your client. Explain your design, your inspiration, the thought behind it, your choice of the color scheme and the other elements to your design. You should be able to explain how it fulfills their requirements, how it relates to them and their company and how it signifies their work and how it signifies in relation to their company’s identity. To further please and enliven your client, explain how your logo design will appeal to their audience.


You should always keep in mind that your client already knows what you are doing and hence this would help you avoid having a debate with him. You better try to be in the middle by coming a bit towards client’s suggestion and dragging him towards yours too. This would also help you to keep in mind that  not you but the client is the one who is going to use the logo and hence you should do whatever he wants in the logo design. Being the one having more experience in this field, you might want to explain him why you think of something in a different way, which would be a good thing.


In the initial meeting your clients might want some changes made in the design or color. One of the first rules of dealing with clients is to listen more and talk less. Remember that your client is aware of your skills and talent, debating about anything will ruin your image. On the other hand if you have something to say, say it in a manner that would appeal to the client. Use their ideas and propositions as leverage to present your ideas and comments. Approach them with your topic in a convincing way so that they accept it. However don’t impose your ideas on them, just present it, after all it is their logo. Being the one having more experience in this field, you might want to explain to them why you think of something in a different way.


Patience is another factor that should be noted of while discussing something. Always try to be patient while listening to your clients because they might go beyond your listening limit and keep on pointing out things about the logo design and tell you what they want. Let them say everything they have on their mind and then respectfully answer their queries and comment on their suggestions. This will prove you to be one with etiquettes of carrying out a civilized conversation.


In the first days of your design career you may have  always had the fear of being rejected. Nervousness is normal but one should try and overcome it. When you are the designer, your knowledge about the design and its purpose is whole. You need not worry how the client may take it as long as you tell them your inspiration and the reason you chose to create what you did. Be positive about your work and confident too, your attitude may rub off on your clients and they may end up sharing your satisfaction with what you have designed.

Practical Samples

Implement that design on the other services to pique your client’s interest. You can implement it on stationary like letterheads, envelops, business cards, pens etc. or promotional Items such as cups, t-shirts, trophies, caps, gifts etc. It will arrest your client’s appeal and will show him how better to envision his company’s identity thus being able to better judge whether it will work out for him or not.


When creating a logo design you should give multiple options to your clients. Have a variety of designs. Follow the requirements the client has given and test your creativity within it. You can experiment with the color palette and varying designs. Your variety of designs can have ones with the Initials of the company name, the initials in a different language like Arabic perhaps, geometric shapes that may signify their company or their logo or perhaps their motto. There are a million creative thoughts and ideas to explore. Always give multiple options with quality work; the quantity may take a back seat if your quality isn’t good enough.

The First Impression

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Do you see this girl in the picture above? You can see her level of excitement as she looks at her probable company logo. She can envision the logo as a part of her company identity. That’s not exactly the entire truth but it’s just an example of the WOW Moment from a client. You should ALWAYS aim for that wow moment, to get the first impression as the best. If you have plenty of varieties, you should opt to present the BEST one first.

Reason of Choice

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You should be able to explain the colour that you choose for your design. The colours puts different effects and meaning to your logo design and I think you should opt for the best colour that suits the theme. You should be able to explain the meaning of the colour you chose in terms of the client’s company’s identity.

The attitude skills, the selling skills, the marketing skills, the presentation skills and much more are what needed after you have made the design for the logo. Your job is much more than just designing. You have to have the skill to present and convince, and if there is a difference of opinion, be able to handle the situation well. That is what would make you more effective. I hope you will benefit from this article. Do share your thoughts.

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