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40 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials To Help You in Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation tutorial46

In the art of designing, knowledge on photo manipulation and its corresponding technique is a major edge among other designers… Why? Because it gives you the advantage of creating world-class designs from a simple photo or image. By the simple act of manipulating an image, numerous possibilities such as styles, images and designs are opened for you to explore and influence. […]

What Changed About Web Designing Till 2011?

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Web designing is not just another field now. It has taken a whole new paradigm. It includes not just the designing of websites but also involves a lot of other services like hosting. This is the reason why when designing websites for large organizations, they make design agencies and hosting companies sign SLAs and also […]

Free Premium WordPress Themes Magazine Style

premium wordpress theme

Today we bring you free premium wordpress themes for your new blog on WordPress. Wordpress is a simple blogging platform and it’s the no.1 blogging platform now that was using by many big magazine as: CCN, Mashable, Digital Photography School, TechCrunch and more… When starting a magazine website, the first step is find a good design for your […]

21 Sep 2011


Web Design


What Things Should Be Included In Your Graphic Design Resume?

graphic design resume

Getting a job mostly depends on your resume for that is the first thing you have to appeal the board so they could call you for an interview. This proves that you need to mention every bit of your ability in your resume and that too in its own category with its unique style. When […]

19 Sep 2011




Outstanding 50 Examples of Single Webpage Designs


A designer would love to get his mind thinking. He would always want his creative mind to takeover all the other useless thinking. It is only at this time when the designer actually does a real “out of the box” designing.Single page websites are the ones which help the designers to achieve the creativity target. It’s kind […]

Advertisements Showcase: 30 Hilarious Print Ads


The ads in the printed format for newspapers, billboards or magazines are a kind of challenges for the ad designers. An idea or message must be communicated simply and swiftly, it must be eye-catching enough to grab the viewer’s attention and convey the important information in an instant. When a print designer employs humour to carry […]

13 Sep 2011




Dark Websites Portfolio To Show How Dark Colour Can Be Used in Web

dark websites38

Our mood is depicted by the colors we choose. Even emotions are conveyed through theme as well as the true feelings. We use the bright colours for the good mood, while on the other hand our sad mood or blue mood is depicted by mostly black color such as dark websites. With web designing, colours […]