I often go and check out the collection other bloggers have on their blogs of some awesome free fonts they like. I have been fond of some different amazing free fonts because I use them for Typography purpose in Logo designing. Its alwasy extremely frustrating to check out all those compilations and pick the favorite that is required at the very specific moment. Though high quality fonts are freely available out there where you can easily categorise them based on their attractives, elegancy etc.

As for me, as I said I use them in logo designing, I am in search for these free fonts since long ago, and thus I thought to compile up a list of all those fonts that are my most favourite and I use them at almost every other place. You can say that these are almost the best fonts of all time for sure.

Note: You can go to the font download page, by clicking on its picture or name.

Dirty and Classic
free fonts


Fairy Dust

Chapagne & Limousines



Honey Script

Caviar Dreams

Chopin Script

Greyscale Basic

Good Peace

Birth of a Hero

FFF Tusj





Sketch Block

Bleeding Cowboys

Walt Disney Script


So weren’t they the best awesome free fonts? :D

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